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21st January 2022 

Your first treatment ? How will I respond?

Your first session will incorporate a full consultation to determine your past and present health and life style and any on going medication will be noted.
In the case of a medicated long standing chronic condition it may be necessary to ask permission from your GP/Consultant before commencing treatments.
The first session will last approximately one and a half hours.
Further treatment sessions will last one hour.
I start each session with some vertical reflexology VRT a method pioneered by Lynne Booth over 20 years ago where the feet are treated in a standing/vertical position for 5/10 minutes and then the session continues on a couch/chair.
I will work all the body systems on the feet in a specific sequence returning to any areas I feel need further work.
Most people feel a sense of wellbeing and relaxation after their treatment.

Occasionally however, some may feel tired, nauseous a bit tearful or
develop a headache or a sensation of headiness.
It must be stressed that all these responses are transitory and must be looked
on in a positive way as part of the healing and detoxification process.

It is very important to drink plenty of water after a treatment especially if you have developed any of the symptoms mentioned above and to try and avoid stimulants such as tea, coffee and alcohol.
I will always contact a new client after the first session to see how they have responded as this is valuable information as a therapist for future treatments.

What to expect from a treatment. tree