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9th August 2022 


"I first went to Carla for treatment 8 years ago.I had the usual aches and pains but after a few sessions with her they disappeared.
My husband was also suffering so I persuaded him to go as well.
He was dubious at first but after a few treatments he soon changed his opinion and we both still go regularly.
Not only is she very good at her trade she is a lovely lady with a brilliant sense of humour."
Judy H.

"I have been visiting "Sole Practice" for several years initially booking reflexology sessions to relieve the symptoms of back pain... which I found worked well in conjunction with conventional medicine.Recently I have discovered the relaxing benefits of Reiki and am now booking monthly treatments which I see as an integral part of looking after myself and staying healthy.
I have peace of mind in knowing Sole Practice offers confidential and professional treatments and that Carla is a highly trained and experienced practitioner" S. Hibbitt

" I started reflexology sessions with Carla on the recommendations of three friends to help support my first IVF cycle. The reflexology made a huge difference to my ability to stay calm during this physically and emotionally difficult procedure.One IVF cycle lasts up to three months, so it is a real endurance test, and staying positive is so important.
The cycle was successful and I am sure the reflexology contributed
to this happy outcome." AH

"I have been coming to Carla for reflexology for many years. I have to say hand on heart, that she is the best reflexologist I have ever
been to, and I have tried a few over the years.
She has helped me with many conditions but period pain and shoulder pain are the two most worth mentioning and of course the general feeling of wellbeing. If you are interested don't hesitate, she is warm and welcoming and instantly puts you at ease.
You will never look back! "
KT. Cambridgeshire

"My first visit to Carla was prompted by a prolonged period of extreme,menopause-related mood swings which were having a significant impact on me, my family and my work. I was sceptical about reflexology
but at my wit's end as the best that traditional medicine could offer was
anti-depressant medication which I didn't want or need.
Just a few sessions with Carla had a hugely positive impact.
Very quickly the mood swings pretty much disappeared and life reverted to normal.This was a massive relief for me and others.
In the years since, regular reflexology has played a huge part in maintaining
my well-being.If I ever have something (anything) wrong with me a session
with Carla is always my first port of call."
Rachel H.

The ladies of Broom Women's Institute were enthralled by Carla and David's
talk on reflexology and deep tissue massage.
Carla and David are clearly well qualified and have a deep understanding and appreciation of the benefits these offer.
After an active question and answer session Carla and David gave a hugely enjoyable and relaxing practical session.
Many of our members had not experienced the benefits these treatments can offer and I know many have expressed an interest in booking further sessions.
Thank you Carla and David- an exceptional session.
Pru Purdy
Broom WI- July 2014

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